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How you'll work if you join us

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Product & Data

We work in small cross-functional squads with engineers, designers and product managers. The teams work in sprints towards a specific objective or key result related to improving results for subscribers. We invest deeply into best practices, code reviews, product metrics, usability testing & design sprints.

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Marketing & Success

Our marketing efforts are focused on subscriber success - to ensure a keen understanding of the product and successful long term investment results. We acquire subscribers through hypothesis driven, iterative direct marketing and are dedicated to product education & support for a happy subscriber base.

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Content & Research

The content & research team at Stockopedia is a diverse group serving multiple goals. Spanning market commentary, investment research, product education and customer communications we've roles for stock market specialists, research analysts & copywriters. We've a culture of plain english, honesty & transparency.

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The foundation of the business is our staff. We believe if our staff are happy, and given the opportunity for autonomy & mastery in their roles that the outcome for our subscribers will be excellent. We aim for business transparency across departments, making work visible and taking an objective driven approach.

Just a taster what you'll get when you join us

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Our philosophy is to hire the very best talent possible. With great compensation & pensions in every role you'll be rewarded at a competitive rate.

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With a £2,000 gear budget for every hire we'll help you get all the tools you need to perform at the highest level, Mac, Linux ... maybe not PCs.

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It's all about personal growth. Whether your ambition is three letters after your name or to learn new tech, we'll provide £1000 per year to fund your courses.

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Great results need rest. With 24 days holidays plus bank holidays you'll have ample time to climb mountains, kick back the tires or burndown that reading list.

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Family friendly - whether you are working from the office or from home, there is always flexibility to deal with the kids for those who are parents.

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All employees can expense every lunch that builds connections & any book that improves their mind. If it's work related - expense it.

Join us fully remote or at our Oxford office

Work from where you work best

While our Headquarters are in Oxford, we are a remote-first organisation. This means, as long as you have reliable internet and are happy to share your friendly face on calls, then you can work from wherever you would like.

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Oxford, UK

Our Headquarters are set in the cerebral City of Oxford - one of the most beautiful cities in England. Only an hour from London by train, with the University & Business School next door it's the perfect place for independent thinking on markets.

University of Oxford

Apply for one of our vacancies, or make your own role

We're always excited to hear from great people who want to join the team - check out the roles below or just contact us via the chat box below and tell us what you can bring to the team.

Interested but not sure you qualify?

While there are a few on the staff with exceptional post-graduate degrees, we don't all have formidable qualifications. Our approach to hiring is a bit different. We don't really care about degrees or titles, we care about results. So we seek the kind of people who can create them. We look for:

1. People who are objectively smart (cognitive intelligence).

2. People with softer character traits that lead to career success (conscientiousness).

Some of our very best staff were diamonds in the rough, choosing unconventional paths rather than the standard route through university.

If you believe you can make a difference then get in touch.

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