Meet the team

We're proud to have a talented team at Stockopedia, solving complex problems and building groundbreaking technology.

Photo of Edward Page Croft

Edward Page Croft

Co-founder, CEO
Photo of Paul Scott

Paul Scott

Small Caps Editor
Photo of Alex Naamani

Alex Naamani

Senior Technical Product Analyst
Photo of Sam Lipscombe

Sam Lipscombe

Head of Marketing
Photo of Mohammed Arshad Ansari

Mohammed Arshad Ansari

Senior Software Engineer
Photo of Oliver Cooper, CFA

Oliver Cooper, CFA

Head of Product
Photo of Adam Poczatek

Adam Poczatek

Developer Team Lead
Photo of Greg Jackson

Greg Jackson

Head of Design
Photo of Gavan Grenville-Hunt

Gavan Grenville-Hunt

Engineering Director
Photo of Gavin Staniforth

Gavin Staniforth

Senior Software Engineer
Photo of Volodymyr Desyk

Volodymyr Desyk

Senior Front End Developer
Photo of Lawrence Judd

Lawrence Judd

Senior Marketing Manager
Photo of Dan Smith

Dan Smith

Product Analyst
Photo of Amelia Foster

Amelia Foster

Operations Manager
Photo of India Seely

India Seely

Head of Operations
Photo of Jamie Balish

Jamie Balish

Senior Software Engineer
Photo of Megan Boxall

Megan Boxall

Head of Content
Photo of Tina Pancheva

Tina Pancheva

UI Designer
Photo of Ashley Marchington

Ashley Marchington

Senior Software Engineer
Photo of Keelan Cooper

Keelan Cooper

Business Development & Revenue Optimisation Analyst
Photo of Elio D’Amato

Elio D’Amato

Australasian Team
Photo of Chris Batchelor

Chris Batchelor

Australasian Team
Photo of Ollie Ayre

Ollie Ayre

Senior Software Engineer