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Make your research easier and less time consuming

Get an instant fix on any stock's investment merits

Every company in the world is given a set of StockRanks™ between 0 and 100 that define its merits from a factor-investing perspective.

We also classify all stocks by Sector, Size, Risk & Style - which help you instantly understand the investment profile of any stock and its fit for your portfolio.

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Compare your stocks against their industry & market peers

Stockopedia’s unique ‘Traffic Light’ system shows you instantly when a company's financial ratios are more or less attractive than its sector peers or the market as a whole.

With a focus on the key Quality, Value and Momentum indicators the TrafficLights™ provide a shorthand way of improving your share selection.

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Gloriously designed - the individual company pages on Stockopedia are an absolute delight and incredibly easy to read.

David StevensonFinancial Times Journalist
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Stop reading annual reports & save yourself hours of time

Read all the essential financial statistics in summary format

We bring you the last 6 years of historic and 3 years forecast financial statements & ratios - with all the most important items charted and summarised in our StockReports.

You can track long term financial performance at a glance, and if you want to dig deeper you can pull up the full standardised financial statements within the browser.

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Quickly learn what a company does, where it's based, who runs it & more

We've gathered all the key profile information that you need to know to get a handle on every stock fast. From the auditor to the listing date, it's all there.

If you want to know even more, we provide links to company websites and director biographies through the web.

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Learn how Stockopedia has transformed the results of these investors

I feel much more confident, very quickly, in what I'm looking at.

Roderick Carter

Very well presented and very, very easy to use.

John Holmes

I use it to check on companies I feel unsure about.

Michael Moule

After your free trial, plans start at just £295 per year. With a one month money back guarantee, you're in control.

Feel more confident in your decisions with reliable financial data

Spot your riskiest shares with financial health indicators

Are the stocks you own in a downward financial spiral? Could the stocks you own be at risk of bankruptcy? Is there a possibility that the accounts have been manipulated?

We've created forensic analytics that assess the risks hidden within company financial statements. Sleep safer in the knowledge that the worst outcomes are minimised.

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Know at a glance which strategies your stocks are qualifying for

Instantly know whether a company is qualifying for any of our 65 GuruScreens or 22 Stockopedia Ratings Screens. We label every stock in the market daily with the strategies it qualifies for. At a glance you can see whether investors of a certain style will be interested in your stock.

Go deeper by clicking through to view the rules & description of any screen and improve your knowledge of investing.

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If you took away my Stockopedia account I absolutely wouldn't know how to pick stocks - I'd be overwhelmed and drowning in information!

William DugdalePrivate Investor

Choose the coverage that suits you & access more than 35,000 stocks

We cover more than 35,000 stocks across the world including UK, Europe, North America, Asia & Australasia. It's never been easier to broaden your investing horizon & diversify your portfolio

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Stockopedia is the perfect solution for the time-poor individual investor looking for results

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Try it free for 14 days

After your free trial, plans start at just £295 per year. With a one month money back guarantee, you're in control.