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We were tired of chart interfaces stuffed full of strange archaic, fiddly behaviour nobody understands. We’ve designed our menus with inline search, easy to understand categorisation, stunning icons & inline guides to help you find what you need instantly. Never has a chart interface been so intuitive.
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Mobile friendly

We’ve invested heavily in our chart software to provide the best multi-device, multi-touch experience possible. On a desktop you can use your mouse to point and click, but on a trackpad, tablet, or phone the experience is even more fluid with one finger drag left and right and double finger zooms in and out. Easy!
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Helpful definitions for everything

Don't know your RSI from your MACD? Or don't understand which parameters to enter? Click the help icon next to any indicator or overlay to immediately read our inline guides. With definitions, help text and parameter descriptions we’ll guide you through the basics and save you from getting lost in a manual.

With stunning coverage you’ll never have to look elsewhere

With more than 30,000 stocks now listed in Stockopedia’s global coverage we provide the most complete stock market coverage of almost any site globally. From Alaska, through Slovakia to Japan we include microcaps, over the counter stocks and exchange traded funds and indices. Get started today!

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Assess charts over multiple timeframes to spot primary and secondary trends

Your chart capabilities are almost unlimited. You can zoom right into view a single week or zoom-out to see decades, change the periodicity to daily, weekly or monthly, edit the scales to view logarithmic, percentage or standard scales, move between line charts or candlesticks or use advanced Point & Figure and Heiken Ashi charts.

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Know what happened in the real world at key price movements

Ever wanted to know what company results, dividend payments dates, splits and news happened right before a major price move in the past? We’ve got you covered with checkbox tick to add events published right on the horizontal axis.

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As an active trader and private investor, having access to good quality Charting and Technical Analysis tools are vital. Stockopedia’s new charts, in combination with their comprehensive financial data, are quite unique. They deliver the overlays and indicators that I can use to help me time my trades.

Stephen HoadTrader, Educator & CEO The Stop Hunter
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Richard Tillett

You can put in all the criteria you want and it's always there.

Charles Ford

After your free trial, plans start at just £295 per year. With a one month money back guarantee, you're in control.

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Instantly spot trending stocks & reversals using popular overlays

We believe every stock market investor should learn to use a simple moving average to spot trends, but if you want to take it further we’ve got you covered. With a complete array of overlays that includes channel indicators like Bollinger Bands, ZigZag trend signals, trading systems Donchian Breakouts and modern Japanese Ichimoku Charts you can ditch your clunky broker software and bring your analysis to one site.

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Stay ahead of turning points in share price & volume momentum

Swing or channel traders can use our complete suite of price and volume indicators to confirm new trends, reversals, convergences and divergences. You’ll find all the indicators you’d need including RSI, MACD, ADX & Stochastics.

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Compare stocks versus their peer group or the market

You can load multiple stocks onto the same chart to compare their performance over any timeframe. We automatically adjust the axes to show you the percentage change from the start of the timeframe so you’ll always win the argument of which stock’s outperformed which, and by how much!

Annotate your charts & find shares breaking out of ranges

If you need to know when to by or sell a share, a well drawn trend line can make it all the easier. You can draw single or multiple lines, zig zag charts, channels or regression lines using the toolkit we make available.

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Widely acclaimed by financial press, investor
associations & famous influencers

Stockopedia has always been miles ahead in its presentation of data and its carefully selected use of stock screens to identify great stocks.
David Stevenson
David Stevenson
Financial Times
Expensive fund managers should be looking over their shoulders.
Andrew Oxlade
Andrew Oxlade
The Telegraph
Since I last wrote about advanced screeners for value investors Stockopedia has emerged as my favourite. For data, Stockopedia shines.
Richard Beddard
Richard Beddard
Interactive Investor
Stockopedia presents all the data on any company that you are likely to want, saving you doing the analysis - this is a highly recommended service.
Roger Lawson
Roger Lawson
One of the advantages of using Stockopedia is that it helps throw up companies that you would otherwise not find out about. It also helps investors avoid getting caught in the traps that even the biggest household name shares can lay.
Simon Lambert
Simon Lambert
This is Money
Stockopedia is a great place to scan for new shares to buy. Each share gets a ranking, you can use 'guru' screens to find shares, there is even a stock screen loosely based on my criteria! There is lots more really fantastic material and I believe access should help investors and I now use it myself.
Robbie Burns
Robbie Burns
The Naked Trader
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After your free trial, plans start at just £295 per year. With a one month money back guarantee, you're in control.

Export your charts or share them with friends on social media

You can easily export your annotated charts as PNG image files for safe keeping on your desktop, or you can share them in a single click, both to Stockopedia’s own discussion board, but also to Twitter, Facebook or any other social media site.

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Save your favourite view settings to use every time you login

If you spend time getting a charting view perfect, with custom moving averages, timeframes, axes and more you won’t want to do it again. We provide three saved views which store your settings for future use. Login from any device and they’ll be there just as you left them.

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Very important to me are the charts. The beauty of the charts is that you can put in all the criteria you want. So I've put in my moving averages, MACD, ADX - it's also always there whenever I click on charts. Absolutely fantastic. I do all my research on Stockopedia.

Charles FordPrivate Investor

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After your free trial, plans start at just £295 per year. With a one month money back guarantee, you're in control.