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We work together with local partners  listed on this page.  We hope more orphanages, schools and homes can become recipients of our help and work collaboratively with us on projects.  If you know of any orphanage or community that could benefit from our work or is keen to collaborate with us, please contact us.  That being said, we also encourage our initiative known as the ‘Blessings in a Bag Movement’ – we don’t mind where our items end up as long as they go to a child/person/community in need.


Tiwala Kids and Communities take in children from all walks of life – abused, orphaned, sick – as well as children from the surrounding communities. They currently have a home for abused children (on Tiwala Farm) and hold kindergarten classes, which commenced in February 2008, for children as well.


C.R.I.B.S Foundation (Create Responsive Infants By Sharing) was started in 1974 in Manila and is a Foster Care Program as well as a leading child-caring agency.


Crisis Care has been in operation for 9 years and started in a small room behind a restaurant in the village of Candi Dasa on the East Coast of Bali.  It has since grown into a busy clinic seeing to the health care needs of the people in the area.


Lestari Sayan Anak’s vision is to focus on young children who cannot be cared for and raised by their biological family by providing a loving and caring home.


The goal of Family Care Cambodia (formerly called Child Reach Cambodia) is to improve the quality of life for orphans and abandoned children in Phnom Penh.

Family Care Cambodia also provides educational materials & motivational programs in institutions, schools & hospitals, both government & private, in effort to improve the educational development of Cambodian youth as well as provide training & educational materials for local teachers & educators.


The Sunshine Centre for Children is a Christian Care for Cambodia project in Southern Phnom Penh, serving poor families and promoting appropriate care for children in the context of families in the community.


NingNing’s vision is to transform slum and underprivileged youth into (sparkling, shining, glittering and glowing) productive members of the community through educational assistance and spiritual guidance


Rachel House (Yayasan Rumah Rachel) is a pediatric hospice providing end-of-life care for children with life-threatening conditions such as cancer and HIV.  They provide palliative care for children from families who cannot afford medical care.  Their vision is to never see a child die alone, without love and care.  Their mission is to provide palliative care for children with life-threatening conditions, allowing them to live with joy and dignity in a non-discriminatory, safe and loving environment.


Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) is a non-profit organisation with a mission of improving the quality of lives of children with cancer and their families through enhancing their emotional, social and medical well-being.  Since 1992, CCF has helped more than 2,000 children and their families, providing them the much needed support in their battle against the life-threatening illness. In a year, CCF helps more than 550 children and their families who are at different stages of the illness.



The story of Metro Ministries:  In 1980, Bill Wilson embarked on a mission to find and rescue the children ravaged by drugs, violence, abuse, and filth.  His tenacious commitment and vision to reach out to a hurting generation have broken through barriers of language, culture, and socio-economic ranks.  And what began as a ministry has now evolved into a movement.  His unique concept of Sidewalk Sunday School is impacting a generation in hundreds of cities, spanning across five continents — North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Through his efforts and those of the global team of volunteers, Metro Ministries now has the largest Sunday School in the world.

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