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14 Apr, 2013

WCA Words: The movie night that almost never happened

This post is written by WorldChangeAgent, Kelsey.  LOVE IS LOUD is our local arm, serving communities in need through education, creativity and a whole lot of fun! “Why is there no sound?” “Are all the buttons on the speaker turned on?” “The DVD won’t play.” “Oh no, the DVD won’t eject.” “IT’S STUCK!” “The projector [...]

14 Apr, 2013

WCA Words: We certainly had fun in the sun!

This post is written by WorldChangeAgent, Ella. On March 23rd, as the sun began to claim its place in the Singaporean sky, an enthusiastic bunch of WCAs gathered at Botanic Gardens. Yep! The day had finally come. It was time to meet the kids and have an awesome afternoon of fun.  You can check out [...]

11 Apr, 2013

[Blessings Trip] Philippines – Cagraray Island: Meeting the Islanders!

This post is written by WorldChangeAgent, Emily. For much of the ‘Blessings Trip’, I decided to try to absorb as much as I could.  Every experience, every location, every person I met – I made it a point to make sure I learned something new or reminded myself of something I might have lost amidst [...]

11 Apr, 2013

TJ, our 7-year-old WorldChangeAgent!

A few weeks ago, we received an email from awesome mum Sarah, who shared how her son, Tyler (TJ), would be celebrating his 7th birthday.  Okay, what’s the big deal, you may be wondering.  What if we told you that TJ decided that for his seventh birthday he would take no presents and instead would [...]

11 Apr, 2013

[Blessings Trip] Philippines – Cagraray Island

This post is written by WorldChangeAgent, Emily. Finally on Cagraray Island!  When you look across the water, you can see San Miguel Island.  I cheekily asked if that was where a particular alcoholic beverage company was based but alas, nothing there but vegetation and pockets of communities!  While on the Island I felt a wave [...]

1 Apr, 2013

She’s done it! We’re in the top 16 of the Young Social Entrepreneurs Program 2013

We have been finding it incredibly hard to resist sharing the exciting news that WorldChangeAgent and Founder, Emily Teng, has made it to the top 16 of Singapore International Foundation’s Young Social Entrepreneur 2013 Program!  This was announced on the 16th of March but we wanted to wait till the official photos came in.  The [...]

1 Apr, 2013

[Blessings Trip] Philippines: Bring on the Bangka!

This post is written by WorldChangeAgent, Emily. If there’s one thing that’s certain whilst traveling it’s these two words:  Murphy’s Law.  One morning you could be looking out your window, overlooking the puff of the clouds over the active Mayon volcano and squinting past the sunshine spilling into your room.  The next, you’re crossing your [...]

1 Apr, 2013

Small things for a big, bright future.

This post is written by WorldChangeAgent, Emily. It never tires me when I click on my ‘Blessings in a Bag’ inbox and in comes a stream of beautiful, happy, smiling faces from one of the communities we work with.  I still get filled with the same excitement.  I still clap my hands with glee and [...]

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