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Archive for August, 2009

20 Aug, 2009

Are you creative?

We’re calling ALL creative people from round the world.  We believe there’s an artist in each and everyone of us!  So whether it be photography, painting, drawing, sketching, graphic design or even doodles you draw when you’re bored at school/work – we want them! We’ve got a side project coming up which will help to [...]

18 Aug, 2009

FLESH IMP has jumped on board!

We’d like to share the GREAT NEWS to everyone that FLESH IMP has partnered up with us! This means that more kids will be receiving brand new clothing from FLESH IMP every two months! To see who else is supporting our work in whatever way they can, check out our PARTNERS page on our website! [...]

9 Aug, 2009

Email Down

As we mentioned in our facebook message to our group members (Just search up “blessings in a bag” in Facebook and click JOIN), our email accounts are experiencing some problems.  We apologise if we haven’t replied back to you or if they bounce back – we’re working on it and we hope things will be [...]

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